Shanghai Fuxin Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.

                                    (former Shanghai Jahwa (Group) Co. Ltd. ) was established in 2004. We are a specialized import and export company in Food Additive, Cosmetic Additive and Pharmaceutical Industries.

                                    Shanghai Fuxin had developed several serials of products: Synthetic Aromatic Chemicals, Nature product, Special Fine Chemicals for food and cosmetics. With several years experience in this field, Shanghai Fuxin has been the agent of the products that manufactured by Shanghai Xinhua Perfumery Co., Ltd., Shanghai General Perfumery Factory, Shanghai HuaBao Peacock Flavor and Fragrance Co., Ltd., etc. The brands we deal with are: “Polar Bear”, “Peacock”, “Eternal Pearl”, “Diamond”, etc.

                                    Our strong items are Vanillin, Menthol, synthetic esters, preservatives, sweeteners, aromatic chemicals and Pharmaceutical intermediates.

                                    The vision of Shanghai Fuxin is “To be a reliable supplier of aromatic chemicals and other fine chemicals in food and cosmetic industries.” The enterprise culture of Shanghai Fuxin is "Employees succeed with company’s development; Company develops with employee's improvement."
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